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Zhengding Pantao Machinery Factory
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Office Address:Room 1002-1003 JinheguojiBuiling–E Zhengding Shijiazhuang.China

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Zhengding Pantao Machinery Factory is located in Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province of China.

It is connected manufacturing, sales, assembling and technical service. We supply various egg tray machines, egg tray production lines and egg tray production technology.. Offering well-equipped advanced technology with strong technical service to meet clients requirement. Our excellent quality, prompt delivery, reasonable prices, courteous service won all clients praise.

Main products: small, medium-size, large egg tray production line, paper pulp molding machine, packaging machine, shaping machine, various mold, iron tray for drying, various accessories. All of the products have been exporting to United States, Russia and Southeast Asia.

We have large-capacity rotary molding equipment, small rotary equipment and reciprocating automatic equipment. Reasonable equipment is with good quality.

We have a mature sales network and professional after-sales service team, The clients for using Pantao equipment have been covered all around China mainland, our exports increased greatly year by year. Egg tray production lines have been successfully exporting to Southeast Asia, Europe, America etc..

Our factory always adhere to the HONESTY, HIGH QUALITY , LOW PRICE. 

Warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit the workshop and inspect the running line.


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