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Molded pulp
时间:2017/2/27 7:51:33 浏览:2432次
Paper pulp molding is a kind of paper making technology. It is a waste paper as raw material, in the molding machine by a special mold to create a certain shape of paper products. It has four major advantages: the raw material for paper, paperboard, including waste paper, waste paper carton white edge, wide source; its production process from pulp, molding, drying and shaping processes can be completed, harmless to the environment; recycling; the volume ratio of foamed plastic can be small, overlapping, convenient transportation. Molded pulp, except for lunch boxes, tableware, more industrial packaging, the development is very rapid.
Egg tray, fruit tray. It is a waste paper as raw material, add some chemicals, then model products made of various shapes according to different purposes, used as packaging egg, fruit, precision devices, easily broken glass, ceramics, handicrafts, electronic products, communication, audio products, has the good performance of the buffer protection. Production of pulp molding technology and equipment development is very fast, the basic process of slurry preparation, molding, drying three processes.
Molded pulp products are a new type of packaging material in recent years. Molded pulp products currently used: raw material ingredients - beating - molding - drying - manufacturing process setting. Because of the workpiece after molding, leaving a lot of water (about 55-60%), water content of final product rate is 12-14%, so in the drying process of the workpiece to remove about workpiece weight in general water, this part of the water depends on the absorption of heat into steam off. Due to the drying process of phase change, energy consumption is very large, pulp molded products processed into high energy consumption products. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the energy conversion process of the drying process. Because, through the analysis of the design and processing of drying equipment to improve, improve the utilization of energy, to reduce the cost of pulp molding products industry has a very important guiding significance.
Molded pulp products are used to contain and restrict the packaging of solid containers, services in the circulation of goods and other aspects of storage and transportation, which is mainly used in the transport of goods packaging.
The function of molded pulp products is to contain and protect the packaged products.
Containment and protection of packaging products is the primary function of molded pulp products. Molded pulp products shall be able to reliably accommodate packaged products as specified in the package so that they are not damaged during transport, handling, and use, and meet the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability. The materials used in the molded pulp products are also safe for packaged products, and they do not interact with each other.
The structure of molded pulp products should be pleasant to use. The structure and shape of molded pulp products should not be harmful to the human body.
In other words, the pulp molded products are modified by their own special structure in the load to extend the corresponding time to absorb the external energy, thereby reducing the impact of packaging and vibration. The buffer mechanism which is different from the foam packaging products, because products of foam materials, because the material inside the distribution of a large number of compressible foam products, regardless of why the shape, it has good cushioning properties, if the plastic material and pulp foam were made into a big plane, obviously the former is able to buffer, then is not the buffer, so for the pulp plastic film products, good structural design is the complete protection of the contents, guarantee to improve the damping capacity in the transport and handling process. The design of the structure will directly affect the strength, stiffness, stability and practicality of the packaging, that is, the structure of the molded pulp products directly affect the realization of its packaging function.

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