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Improved egg tray machine
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Failure analysis of egg tray machine
There are many types of egg support machine, but there are machinery; electrical; pneumatic; three parts, mechanical transmission is the main link transmission, crankshaft drive, slot wheel drive, chain transmission, gear transmission. Mechanical track angle slide, slide arm bearing, sliding bar rail, mechanical part is simple, easy to find fault maintenance. Electric control is divided into two parts, one part of the electrical control of motor operation is relatively simple, but there are parked appliances is a bit complicated, (1-2 proximity switch control time relay and time relay switch and stop motor control, if the proximity switch or time relay work a fault machine does not work can not be completed) so the less electrical fault rate is low. Another part of the electrical control valve and the cylinder part, each electromagnetic valve has a proximity switch control, the cylinder is close to switch control solenoid valve and solenoid valve control cylinder, cylinder control valve dehydration, restricting the four parts of the form which has a work caused by the chain reaction the machine does not work. In order to make the machine failure rate to a minimum as far as possible the use of machinery, reduce the use of electrical appliances, to minimize the use of pneumatic components, machines as simple as simple as possible, as far as possible the use of mechanical structure of the machine is simple and easy maintenance easy to find fault.
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